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Commercial Extraction Systems

Commercial Extraction Systems

Making Sure Your Kitchen is Compliant

All commercial kitchens require extraction systems, comprising canopy, duct work, fan(s) and controllers.

Our systems are sized and constructed in accordance with DW172, Gas Safe and Environmental Health guidelines.

We can supply anything from basic systems with baffle filters, re-circulation canopies (electric equipment only) and any permutation of fine filtration systems with carbon filters, electrostatic filters, odour neutralisers and UV treatment.

We also supply and fit stainless steel wall cladding and powered or passive fresh supply-air systems.

For gas cooking equipment a Gas Interlock System must be fitted. This is a Gas Safe requirement to ensure that deadly carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide do not build up, heat, grease and fumes are removed from the kitchen.

A survey of the site will take place, appropriate system chosen and then safely installed.

Types of canopies;

  • Wall canopies
  • Island canopies
  • Custom - shaped/raduised valance
  • Re-circulation canopies
  • Theatre cookery extraction units

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