Installation of Commercial Kitchen

Installations & Maintenance

As well as full design and project management we offer a full range of additional services to support you.

Gas Safety Checks & Compliance Reports

We are happy to offer you bespoke, cost-effective solutions to ensure that your kitchen is Gas Safe compliant. Without such compliance any engineer who has the necessary certification should not and will not allow you to use your gas appliances.

Our Gas Interlock Systems (GIS) with ‘Caterguard’ hardware from Mechline Systems offer a good quality, chef-friendly way to achieve compliance. We also offer a service to modify or replace existing canopies which do not comply with current standards but are honest enough to advise you when a spend is not immediately necessary.

If your gas pipework or hose connections are sub-standard we can report and/or rectify to bring your kitchen up to scratch.

Whilst this subject always makes kitchen owners raise their eyes to the ceiling it is better to be compliant than have an engineer visit and need to shut equipment down just before a busy service. No-one likes to do this, but gas safety is of paramount importance.

After Sales and Breakdown Service Engineers

With our geographically wide-ranging network of sub-contract servicing and breakdown catering engineers we are happy to offer this service. Properly managed by Fulcrum, we ensure you get a quality service from self-employed engineers who take pride in their work.

Installations & Maintenance

If you require a Maintenance Agreement then we again offer this service tailored to your existing kitchen set-up. However, we are honest enough to say when maintenance servicing is not a necessary expenditure – admittedly this is the exception rather than the rule but if, for example, you are a small church hall and use your equipment for a short period 3 or 4 times a week or kitchen staff carry out a stringent operational maintenance regime themelves, then in those situations it is unlikely to be required.