Design & Contracts

Design and Project Management of Your Commercial Kitchen

AutoCAD Design Drawings

With projects under its belt from £10,000 to £410,000, Fulcrum has the capability to design, supply and fit kitchens of all sizes, shapes and complexity. Using AutoCAD software we produce design drawings for your consideration, revise them to suit your exact requirements and, if the proposal turns into a firm order, we produce a full technical services revision for you and your contractors.

We manage the procurement and installation of the equipment you order from us including:

  • all necessary site survey visits
  • client meetings
  • liaising with your architects, building and M&E contractors
  • overseeing deliveries and load-outs
  • engineer management
  • self-snagging
  • handover and equipment demonstrations
  • provision of a client-copy Operation & Maintenance binder

We lead our side of the project and take this headache away from the client, whilst at the same time always keeping you informed of correspondence with others.

We do not offer anything other than the equipment we are experts in supplying. We are not builders and because of this we do not offer flooring, wall finishes, ceilings or electrical and mechanical works. However this is because it is far more cost effective for you to employ these trades directly.

We always fully liaise with your other contractors and self co-ordinate our works with them – we actively offer suggestions for floor, ceiling and wall finishes using our past first-hand experience to do so – feel free to ask.

Finally, we hit our deadlines and make sure we dovetail with the project programme.

If you are buying from us all the above is provided free-of-charge.